Friday, July 01, 2005

The Strange Takes a Holiday

When in the Course of Strange Events, it becomes necessary for Two Hilarious People to take a break from the Funniness which has connected them with others, and to assume among the Powers of the Internet, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Murphy and of Murphy’s God entitle them, a passable Respect to the Opinions of Those-Who-Get-It requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to Vacation.

So just as Things are Going Good, Mark and Michael have decided to take Respite during the Seventh-month, in order to accomplish some goals. We will enumerate these goals right now and, goddamn it, you better read them.

As you know, Mark and Michael have a band called Black Pipe. Well, this July they’ll Travel to Woodstock, New York and the famous Bearsville Studios to record the first full-length Black Pipe album, which is tentatively entitled You Take the Pipe. A few songs from their EP Black Pipe/White Afro will probably make the cut, as will new material like “My Knavery Knows No Bounds,” “Luckily I Am Schooled in the Art of Midwifery,” “Computers Are the Wave of the Future,” and “I Won’t Vote For a Candidate Who Doesn’t Believe in Quetzalcoatl.”

In addition to the recording sessions (which they’ll blaze through like the skilled musicians they are, providing they have enough kazoos), Michael has been hired by Dr. Noel Pappinger to apprehend the culprits who stole the famed Rockrose Ruby from Pappinger’s friend, the multibillionaire Charles Henry Hood.

Mark will be trying to find the cure for the deadly disease that is afflicting him and very well could end his life at any moment.

Are the two related? Mmmm . . . maybe they are.

So while we’re gone, please feel free to peruse our archives and laugh your ass off. Or if you’re too lazy (which you probably are if you’re reading this site), then follow the links below to some of our favorite pieces. But don’t let them stop you from reading the rest, which are actually very good.

Spread the word about The Strange to your friends, co-workers, and arch-nemeses, and maybe we’ll let you in on “The Secret” before we return on August 1.

If not, I guess you’ll have to wait!

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