Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Plausible Rock ‘N’ Roll Conversations

1973. New York City. Led Zeppelin is about to go on stage to perform at Madison Square Garden. The footage shot will be included in their legendary concert film The Song Remains the Same.

ROBERT PLANT [knocking on dressing room door, sticking his head inside]: Hey, John, are you ready yet?

JOHN BONHAM: Almost. I’m just waiting for the wardrobe girls to finish my outfit.

ROBERT: What’s taking so long?

JOHN: They’re just putting the final touches on my vest of Mithril, so that I’m protected from the Nazgûl when we perform.

ROBERT: Oh, OK. [turns to leave, then suddenly sticks his head back in the dressing room] What did you say?

JOHN: I just want to be protected in case the Nazgûl attack during our performance. So I’m having wardrobe make me a vest of Mithril to repel their icy blades.

ROBERT: John . . . You know that I only sometimes use Lord of the Rings imagery in my lyrics, and that we’re probably not in any real danger of being attacked by the Nazgûl, right?

JOHN: That’s as may be, Robert, but I just don’t want to take any chances.

ROBERT: Fair enough. We’re on in five.


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